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Morning Report 21-24

DRH Block 6


Dear friends,

Please see attached here the DRH block 6 schedule.

Have also attached the morning report schedule.

There will be a detailed orientation for the floor team on Day 1.

DRH floor orientation will be in 2 E and the ICU orientation will be given by the fellow on Day 1.

Please send the FIN of morning report cases 72 hrs in advance and the slides 48 hrs in advance

Please plan the days off ahead of time

Please go by the sign out order I mentioned in the excel sheet

Please send a detailed sign out .

For the attending lists, I don’t have the ones for A3 and A2 yet, I will update you all as I get them.

Looking forward to working with the new teams.


Hello all,

Please find attached the KCI Schedule for the period 12/1o to 1/6

The schedule is final

KCI weeks 24 to 27- Copy

Hello all

Please find attached the Harper schedule and morning report schedule

23-26 – Copy

Morning Report 21-24

Fall is upon us, the season of pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin everything and most importantly: Halloween!

Being an avid horror movie fan, you can instantly deduce how October 31st is special to me… I always wanted to throw a Halloween party with crazy decorations… This year I made my dream come true by throwing the party during Morning Report!

So let me tell you about my curious case of bun cellulitis:

Once upon a time, on a quiet call day, the intern me admitted a 68 year-old patient with a history of uncontrolled HTN and cocaine/alcohol dependence… The patient apparently had two fifths of Vodka two days prior to admission (a fifth is a whole bottle, FYI…) and passed out on his back for at least six hours with his wallet in the back pocket. His reason for coming into the hospital was paresthesia of the right foot. He was started on Vancomycin/Cefepime for what we were told a right buttock cellulitis…

The thought sounded outlandish at the time, however I went down to see the patient, I was trying to link the cellulitis and the numbness of the foot, I didn’t have a logical connection then…

Examining the “cellulitis”, the right bun was mildly erythematous and not warm to touch, however there was an induration that you wouldn’t expect in such a circumstance. The labs looked funny: Acute kidney injury (from a previous CKD stage 2), hyperkalemia of 5.8 and hypocalcemia (corrected calcium was 7)… Now Hercule Poirot’s voice was in my brain “Use your little gray cells, mon amie!”, I could see his satisfied smile when the UA showed the tell-tale positive blood with absent RBCs

You know what I am talking about, right? I could see the soft smile on your face!

So a patient who passed out from alcohol for long time, combined with a sprinkle of cocaine who is coming in with AKI, hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia and hypocalcemia, with a UA that is showing blood and no RBCs would be having rhabdomyolytis. We ordered a CPK that was > 50,ooo confirming our suspicions!

Now, let’s talk treatment! You would flush them with fluids (aiming for 200 mL/hr of urinary output, you can give anything between 400 to 1000 mL per hour), however after many liters, progressively rising CPK, minimal to absent urine output, rising potassium and signs of pulmonary edema nephrology started the patient on hemodialysis. Keep in mind that dialysis in rahbdo is indicated when you have severe or progressing hyperkalemia, fluid overload and decreased urinary output. The patient recovered his baseline kidney functions and didn’t require continuous dialysis!


Welcome to VA

Dear residents, attached with this post you will find important documents regarding your rotation. If you have any questions regarding the VA rotation, please review the orientation power point and you can contact me if you still have questions.

Pradeep Kathi

Pager 8775


Med Ser Ward Assign Nov 18Rotation at the VAVA Transition of Service Block 5 Morning-report-Schedule-for-Block 5 Admission-Log-VA Medicine-Orientation-Guide-VA

Jeopardy 17-20

Make sure your pager is turned on and with you, or that it is referred to a number you can be reached at.

  • You must be able to come to the hospital within one hour of being called.
  • Make sure you have VA hospital access. Please log in to the VA system on your clinic week, if you lose your access and you are called to VA jeopardy, you will end up paying back whoever is called to cover you if your access was lost  
  • All changes must be approved by me.
  • AM shift: 7 AM-8 PM; PM shift: 8 PM-end of rounds next day
  • Please remember to call me if you need to activate jeopardy; I will then notify the appropriate CMR.


Jeopardy only needs to be activated if you are on clinicLONG call on floorsICU/CCU, or night floatAND you cannot arrange an emergent day off with your team. You cannot call jeopardy for an elective day.
For any concerns or whether you need to activate jeopardy, please contact Junior CMR

Please find attached the KCI floor rounding schedule

KCI weeks 20 to 23

Please find the Harper University Hospital Schedule for the weeks 19  to 22


Morning report schedules:


Morning Report 21-24

Medicine Consults Survival Guide

Credited to: Nabil Al-Kourainy, MD with contributions from Dr. Nicholas Cretu, Rick Bloomingdale MD (CMR 2016-2017), Karthik
Kumar MD (CMR 2017-2018), and Ali Saker MD

Last updated: 07-29-2018

KCI Survival Guide – Draft 1: 04-2018

*Please email any changes, updates or corrections to

Credited to: Nabil Al-Kourainy MD, Pranav Shah MD, Leslie Kao MD.