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Save time while placing orders by adding your favorites to your Citrix menu. See below for ideas on which items are commonly used, and how to add them!

You can also place orders with pre-completed information for those orders which have required boxes (e.g. repeat lab orders, covering physician orders, etc)

Step 1. Type name of order into query



Step 2. Right-click the order you would like and select “Add to favorites”


Step 3. If it is an order which has necessary items to be completed, you can fill the boxes out and then click “Add to favorites” to have it pre-completed each time. (This also goes for labs, images, etc!)


 See below for examples of important labs to save in your favorites!




Please see the attached Karmanos medicine schedule for weeks 8-11 of academic year 2019-2020



Please see the attached HUH medicine floors, HICU and CCU schedule for weeks 7-10 of academic year 2019-2020

NF Week 8-11 2019-20

Welcome to Night Float!

There has been an overall change in the structure of night float.

–Seniors AND Interns will be working 3 nights followed by 1 night off during the course of their respective rotations

-For the most part, one senior and one intern will be working together for the rotation

Night float residents should come in no later than 8 PM to take sign-out from the day teams. Please be on time for your shifts. The day teams will take over their pagers at 7 AM the next morning.

Call room information for each hospital is located in the schedule

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Welcome to DRH Block 2

Attached to this post are the DRH Floor/ICU/NF call schedule, the MR schedule, as well as the DRH orientation powerpoint.

DRH-BLOCK 2- 2019


1DRH orientation 2019-2020


Please see the attached Harper medicine, ICU and CCU schedule for weeks 3-6.

This is by no means comprehensive. You guys will learn a lot more tips and tricks along the way, but this guide should help you get through one clinic day without issues.

Ambulatory EMR Manual


How to log onto NextGen remotely

How to check your GMAP/6A schedule the day before

And how to write notes and order labs, meds and referrals via NextGen.

Please see attached the DRH Floor/MICU/NF schedule for the month of July, the Morning Report schedule for DRH/HUH floor teams for the month of July, and the DRH orientation power point.


DRH-BLOCK 1- 2019

1DRH orientation 2019-2020


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Hey guys!

Please see below for the Ambulatory Lecture that was given to the interns for Orientation.

PGY2 and PGY3s – please see the lecture for the current rules on clinic exchanges.

Ambulatory Medicine Orientation 2019-20 Final