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Jeopardy-Weeks 44 to 47

Jeopardy-Weeks 44 to 47

this schedule does not include attendings or students

Medicine Service Ward Assignment- Block 13-Week 50-52-June 11th-June 30th

Block 13 starts on 6/4/2018

Please note the following rotation changes this year.

  1. Floor rotations:  Interns taking 24-hour call for each day has been marked on the schedules. You will get sign-outs from current teams on June 3rd but you will officially start caring for your patients from 7 am on June 4th . There will be an orientation for DRH floor teams at 11:00am on June 4th at boardroom in 2E.
  2. DRH MICU and CCU: No changes have been made to the current structure. Interns on MICU do not take 24-hour call. You should be getting an orientation for your rotation by the fellows on day 1.

I would like to reiterate to the floor teams to decide their days offs on Day 1 of rotation because of the complex call schedule.

Contact me if you have any further questions.

Karthik Ravindran

DRH-Master-Schedule-Block 13 -F

Transition to Block-13




Admission Logs:

Admission-log A1
Admission-log A2
Admission-log A3
Admission-log A4

Rules for Jeopardy:
  1. Make sure your pager is turned on and with you, or that it is referred to a number you can be reached at.
  2. You must be able to come to the hospital within one hour of being called.
  3. Make sure you have VA hospital access. Please log in to the VA system on your clinic week, if you lose your access and you are called to VA jeopardy, you will end up paying back whoever is called to cover you if your access was lost  
  4. All changes must be approved by me.
  5. AM shift: 7 AM-8 PM; PM shift: 8 PM-end of rounds next day
Please remember to call me if you need to activate jeopardy; I will then notify the appropriate CMR.
Jeopardy only needs to be activated if you are on clinicLONG call on floorsICU/CCU, or night floatAND you cannot arrange an emergent day off with your team. You cannot call jeopardy for an elective day.

NF B 14 W52

HUH-Schedule-Weeks-51-52-June 18th-June 30th-draft

HUH-Schedule-Weeks-47-50-May 21st-June 17th-draft

HUH-Schedule-Weeks-43-46-Apr 23rd-May 20th-draft

Please find below the core curriculum schedule:


Core Curriculum April-May 2018 PDF