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Save time while placing orders by adding your favorites to your Citrix menu. See below for ideas on which items are commonly used, and how to add them!

You can also place orders with pre-completed information for those orders which have required boxes (e.g. repeat lab orders, covering physician orders, etc)

Step 1. Type name of order into query



Step 2. Right-click the order you would like and select “Add to favorites”


Step 3. If it is an order which has necessary items to be completed, you can fill the boxes out and then click “Add to favorites” to have it pre-completed each time. (This also goes for labs, images, etc!)


 See below for examples of important labs to save in your favorites!



Attached is the night float schedule for weeks 4-7.  Seniors please note that you may have to cover the VA for the first 1-2 nights due to access issues at the VA. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Ambulatory Speaking Schedule(1)



Look at the pdf attached to find your assigned module and the day for presentation. I tried to assign it only during your clinic week but there were a couple of exceptions. If you are one of these exceptions and you are unable to present on that day for any reason, you must let me know as soon as possible. Switches are okay but again, please let me know ahead of time.


The presentation

Complete your assigned module and carefully review the explanations to all questions. Use this to create a PowerPoint presentation that will be approximately 25 minutes long, focusing on the highest yield information. Send me the PowerPoint ahead of time and I will share with everyone afterwards.



Everyone is required to attend Thursday Ambulatory Lectures 12-1pm.

Please note that every resident is responsible for completing every assigned module before the end of the academic year.

It will be to your benefit to attend the lecture and then complete the module on the same day – this should make it pretty easy.

*The caveat is only for PGY-3s: if you have previously completed the same module in a previous year, you need not do it again.


I think you will all find these modules very informative and I hope this interactive approach will be an efficient and more engaging way to learn ambulatory medicine!


Sorry for the confusion today. Find your name here to see when you are scheduled. Unless otherwise indicated (ie, we spoke about it), please attend the training session you are scheduled for.

Hello all!  Here is the Intern Summer Lecture Series Schedule; all sessions are held at 12 noon (most in 2 E boardroom but rooms are listed below each date).  We will update this schedule with remaining topics and presenters assignments as they become available.

2017 Intern Summer Lecture Series Updated


Hello all!  This is our Senior Resident Board Review schedule; sessions are required for all PGY 2/3 and are held at noon at the School of Medicine (room indicated on the schedule; different each session). We look forward to seeing you there!

2017 Summer Board Review Lecture Series


Welcome to Harper University Hospital Inpatient Floor rotation!  Below you will find our orientation presentation.

HUH Floor Orientation Presentation

Please let me know if you have any questions.

~Courtney 248-444-7376

CCR 2017-2018



  • You are responsible exclusively for all paper forms in GMAP, Tolan Park, and UHC-5A.
  • You are expected to be present everyday from 8-5 at GMAP except during those times when you are scheduled to be at a different site for your usual clinic times. You will be expected to call Tolan Park and UHC 5A once daily to ask if there are any forms for CCR. You are not expected to have any CCR duties at DCC.
  • Usually the forms will require you to open the patient’s chart on NextGen and review. There are sample forms and templates in preceptor room at GMAP.
  • If there is a part of the chart that you are unable to complete you should notify either Beverly or Nurse Glass.
  • You should not be filling out forms for residents who are in clinic on that given week, since they are able to do it themselves.


GMAP – L’Tayna (313-745-4063)

                  Beverly (313-966-7308)

UHC 5A – Tamika (313-966-8540)

Tolan – Mario – Manager (313-966-6214)/ Jerry Burns NP (313-577-3767)



  • You are responsible for all IM-GEN MED
  • At the start of your CCR week, the two of you split the sessions so that you are CCR only when you are not scheduled to see patients, if possible. During the times when you are on CCR duties, please have the clinic pager (6585) on you.
  • CCR is from Monday until Sunday. Tasks come in on the weekend sometimes. When you start CCR on Monday, the IM-GEN MED box should be empty.
  • You MUST reassign all tasks that are for patients not seen by IM residents, including MedPeds, fellows, and tasks assigned to an attendings. Common ones include Dr. Hanna-Johnson, Dr. Thati, and Dr. Rojas, although other ones are possible.
  • You may NOT redistribute tasks to any other IM residents, even if that resident is still in clinic (although, you may ask them to clarify the plan). Document how you addressed the problem at hand. For instance, leave an outgoing telephone call message stating what you told the patient or that you did or did not refill a medication or that you asked the patient to come to clinic.
  • Never mark a task complete or delete a task if you did not complete it.


Lastly, when you are not CCR please take responsibility for your own patients. Patients want to hear from you, their doctor regarding their test results and that you are prescribing a new medication for them. CCR is there to make sure that nothing falls through, but if you fill out their forms yourself, always make sure that you check their medications for refills, make sure they understand instructions, and you call them with test/lab results yourself, you will develop the kind of professional behavior that will serve you well for the rest of your career.

How to log in remotely:

Download the latest version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop App from the Mac App store. The Microsoft Remote Desktop App is only compatible with Mac OS 10.7 or later.
1.) Once installed use spotlight to locate App. Type Microsoft and click to open.
2.) Select Remote Resources.
3.) Enter the following for each field and select refresh.

Username: med\Your SOM ID
Password: Your SOM Password

4.) A new screen will appear stating you Successfully Loaded Remote Resources. Close window.
5.) Double click the Next Gen 5 (Prod) icon from the list of Remote Resources.
6.) New blue screen appears. Select OK.
7.) Double click the EHR icon.
8.) Enter EHR credentials and select logon.

 Any Type of Computer
Use the link:
Double click the Next Gen 5 (Prod) icon.
Username:  med\YOUR SOM ID
Follow steps 6-8 as above.

Ambulatory Medicine Orientation

Power point from the orientation to the ambulatory rotation.

Please see the link attached for some instructional videos on NextGen. More are being uploaded at the moment. Before asking “how do I do this” in the clinic just make sure it’s not something that you can find here. Most videos are still being edited but will be up soon. Topics so far include:

  • Healthcare Maintenance** – everyone should watch this to see how to properly keep a tab on all your patients. This is something new but will be enforced this year to prevent patients falling through the cracks.
  • DME (ordering Walkers, Wheelchairs, Compression stockings, Diabetic supplies)
  • How to make referrals
  • How to order diagnostics (imaging, colonoscopy, mammogram, DEXA)
  • How to order labs and add certain labs to favorites
  • All office procedures (Pap/pelvic, immunizations, etc)
  • How to create a new encounter if you need to address a new problem remotely
    • If you order a test on a patient and the result of that test leads to a new diagnosis then you would need to create a new encounter on NextGen to address. For example, if you order STD screening and something comes back positive, you would need to call the patient to counsel to them and put in a new prescription/plan for the new problem. This is how to do it.
  • Telephone encounters (returning telephone calls, without having a new problem)
  • How to access NextGen from Citrix


Please leave a comment or message me if you have additional questions or would like more videos. If you have a question about how to do something, I’m sure many others have that same question.