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CCR 2017-2018


Clinical Care Resident schedule. New changes this year:


PGY-1s: You will be responsible only for paperwork. Please check with Nurse Glass and Beverly in GMAP and with UHC 5A DAILY to make sure there are no forms for you to complete.


PGY-2/3s: There will be one PGY2 and one PGY3 every week. You will be responsible only for the electronic inbox. Although you will have the additional help of PGY-1s to do the paperwork, please be helpful whenever possible.


Now that we have 3 residents every week, we should have no problem completing all tasks. Remember that when you are CCR you are responsible for ALL tasks from MONDAY-SUNDAY. When you are starting on a Monday morning, please let me know if there are any outstanding tasks in the inbox (this should not happen).


Reassign all tasks that are for an attending’s patients (those not seen by a resident) back to their respective attending (typically, Dr. Devara, Dr.Hannah-Johnson, Dr. Rojas, Dr. Thati).


Unless it’s an attending’s patient, if a task can easily be done by you as CCR, please just get it done. The only time you can reassign (although you should try to avoid it) to another resident is if that resident is still in clinic that week and it is something that requires their attention.


Remember to always make sure your patients have enough refills, you complete their forms when they bring them, you call them with test results, and you reply to all telephone encounters for your patients. Doing this will greatly cut down the number of tasks required by a CCR and increase patient satisfaction with our clinic, and more importantly, with their doctors (YOU).