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Download the 2013-2014 Survival Guide — a must have for day to day management of patients on the floor!


Pocket Medicine Fifth Edition – Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine — Purchase at Amazon


An ophthalmoscope will be vital for a complete examination. These are only available in certain parts of the hospital (e.g., the emergency room) so it is convenient to carry your own.


An iPad is very helpful but is not required.


Don’t forget a penlight, a reflex hammer, and of course your stethoscope.


Cool apps for your phone:

  • Epocrates: check medication names, doses, side effects, contraindications, and more! Click here for iPhone and here for android.
  • Medscape: Up-to-date and concise information about disease epidemiology, presentation, diagnosis and treatment at your fingertips, for rounds, for morning report, and those 15-minute breaks you get before you go back to those floors! Click here for iPhone and here for android.
  • ASCVD Risk Estimator: Need to calculate whether your patient needs moderate or high statin therapy, or maybe none? Your wish is my command! Click here for iPhone and here for android.
  • ePSS: Need to know what screening tests your patient qualifies for? No worries, just type in the age, gender, and a couple extra pieces of info and you got it! Mammograms, colonoscopies, vaccines, and more! Click here for iPhone and here for android.
  • Opioid Converter: How much of PO morphine is that IV dilaudid? This app does the math for you! Click here for iPhone and here for android.
  • Flashlight: Don’t have a penlight handy? Let this app light your way. Click here for iPhone and here for android.