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Jeopardy Block 8 Schedule 01-13-2020 to 02-09-2020

Jeopardy Block 8 schedule 01-13-20 to 02-09-20

Hello everyone,

Please see the attached link for Jeopardy Schedule.

Please note the schedule has been updated to address conflicts. If you have a conflict ie (personal/family engagement, interview etc.), it is your responsibility to find a switch ahead of time. Please email me and CC the resident who has agreed to the switch.


*PGY1’s, if you have been scheduled for Jeopardy and you DO NOT have VA Access, Please email me.

Rules for Jeopardy in Summary:
Jeopardy only needs to be activated if you are in Clinic or “on-call” on Floors (Long-call), ICU/CCU, or Night Float, AND you cannot arrange an emergent day off with your team. Pre-call is not jeopardy eligible. Interviews are not jeopardy eligible.  
  1. Make sure you are reachable by pager or phone on your jeopardy day.
  2. Mark your jeopardy shifts your calendar.
  3. You must be able to come to the hospital within one hour of being called.
  4. Please notify either the JCMR or CMR as early as possible if you need to activate jeopardy. Activating jeopardy after your shift has already started is not professional.
  5.  Make sure you have VA hospital access. Renew access Q-clinic week.
  6.  No special requests for jeopardy coverage. Please find and email a switch if you have a personal conflict as per above.
  7. AM shift: 7 AM-8 PM; PM shift: 8 PM*-end of rounds next day (if *MICU or CCU PM shift starts at 6PM) .
  8. All jeopardy coverage requires payback. No exceptions.
  9. Please remember to call not just text/email the Junior CMR who emailed the Jeopardy schedule for that block or the CMR at your clinic/hospital site to activate jeopardy. Jeopardy is not activated without confirmation. 
Please see below for contact info for JCMR and CMRs.
Junior CMR Contact info:
Sindhuri Benjaram 571 485 6798
CMR Contact info:
Sahrish Ilyas (DRH) 917-803-2558
Malini Surapaneni (HUH) 724-877-5759
Ahmad Abu-Heja (VA) 202-288-8135
Leslie Kao (Ambulatory) 617-335-5948
As always, please email me with any questions and let me know if you find any errors in the schedule. Thank you!
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