1. To assign people to view your PAQ and Inbox. Click on Admin (top toolbar)

select Workflow Manager> Provider

2. From the Providers or Users list highlight the desired Provider, User (Users tab), User Group (Users tab) and click on the ADD>> button to add them.

NOTE: Users that are grayed out have not been granted access to view PAQs.

3. Click the OK button when done.



You will be prompted with the Work Flow Manager: Provider window.

The Office Status section is where you indicate if you are in the office or out of the office.

The Delegates section is a list of EMR providers and users.

Out of Office2


You must decide who and when the delegate(s) should have access to your PAQ.  The delegate must be a Provider.  You can give the delegate the option to always have access (Use Always) or only when you are out of the office (Use Only When Out of the Office).  Please keep in mind that you are giving the delegate(s) the option to accept PAQ items on your behalf.

Highlight the delegate(s).  To select multiple delegates under one tab, hold the Ctrl button and click the mouse on the delegate’s name.  Click on the Users tab if you wish to view and add users by group.


When done, click the Add button in the appropriate section.

1.Use Always section means the delegate(s) can display your PAQ at anytime.

2. Use Only When Out of the Office section means the delegate(s) can only display your PAQ when your status is marked as Out of the Office.

Out of Office 3

Click the OK button when done.


Follow the same steps to provide access to your Inbox.


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