How to log in remotely:

Nextgen Connection on Windows

1.) Download the Nextgen Remote shortcut and save to your Citrix drive, for example: “Download” folder
2.) Open the file
3.) On the taskbar, right click on the Remote desktop icon (computer monitor icon with a blue screen) and select “Pin this program to taskbar”
4.) Enter your login information
Username:  med\YOUR SOM ID
Follow steps 6-8 as above.
*You now have a remote access shortcut to NextGen on your Citrix taskbar*

Nextgen Connection On Macs running Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 and above

Instructions for MACs running Remote Desktop prior to version 10
Download the latest version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop App from the Mac App store. The Microsoft Remote Desktop App is only compatible with Mac OS 10.7 or later.
1.) Once installed use spotlight to locate App. Type Microsoft and click to open.
2.) Select Remote Resources.
3.) Enter the following for each field and select refresh.

Username: med\Your SOM ID
Password: Your SOM Password

4.) A new screen will appear stating you Successfully Loaded Remote Resources. Close window.
5.) Double click the Next Gen 5 (Prod) icon from the list of Remote Resources.
6.) New blue screen appears. Select OK.
7.) Double click the EHR icon.
8.) Enter EHR credentials and select logon.

 Any Internet Browser From Any Type of Computer

Use the link:
Double click the Next Gen 5 (Prod) icon.
Username:  med\YOUR SOM ID
Follow steps 6-8 as above.

Updated 10-20-2019 – Nabil Al-Kourainy


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