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Welcome to the WSU Internal Medicine residents’ website



Welcome to WSU/DMC! Click here to learn more about the Internal Medicine Program here and about Life in Detroit.
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Here you can view and download the latest and updated rotation schedules, as well as submit scheduling requests.


Downloads and Guides. Resident guides in hospitals and clinics, How-tos, links to forms, articles and others.



2017-2018 CCR Schedule and Intercohort teams

CCR 2017-2018 Continuity of care and CCRs: Read the following in its entirety regardless of PGY and whether you are or are not CCR: Everyone: All residents are part of a buddy system with 4 other people, 1 resident per cohort. Everyone that is in the same row on the spreadsheet...

Introduction to Ambulatory

Ambulatory Medicine Orientation Power point from the orientation to the ambulatory rotation.    

Instructional videos on NextGen Please see the link attached for some instructional videos on NextGen. More are being uploaded at the moment. Before asking “how do I do this” in the clinic just make sure it’s not something that you can find here. Most videos are...

VA Schedule Block 13 June 8th to June 30th 2016

Beginning your VA rotation Electronic Medical Record VA Documentation Guidelines Med Ser Ward Assign Block 13 June 8th-June 30th Morning report Schedule for Block 13 VA Transition of Service for Block 13 New Admission Log VA VA Orientation Final VA Patient Care Orientation 5-1-16...

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this schedule does not include attendings or students Medicine Service Ward Assignment- Block 13-Week 50-52-June 11th-June 30th Read More
Block 13 starts on 6/4/2018 Please note the following rotation changes this year. Floor rotations:  Interns taking 24-hour call for each day has been marked on the schedules. You will get sign-outs from current teams on June 3rd but you will officially start caring for your... Read More
NF B 14 W52 Read More
HUH-Schedule-Weeks-51-52-June 18th-June 30th-draft Read More
HUH-Schedule-Weeks-47-50-May 21st-June 17th-draft Read More
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