When a patient dies, you need the following 5 items: – EMR order: Patient discharge/expiration order […]
Please evaluate the need for telemetry on a daily basis and d/c when no longer needed. […]
Below is a checklist of information that should be documented when encountering these types of patients in […]
Please see board review powerpoints attached that Dr. Weinberger presented: General Medicine 1 General Medicine 2
  Don’t forget to order follow-up appointments on all your patients! Go to the SOAP section […]
Originally published at http://theodysseyonline.com/wayne-state-uni/detroit-bucket-list-wayne-state-students/144810 by Ki Lee O’Brien on Aug 19, 2015 ~ While this was written with Wayne […]
1. To assign people to view your PAQ and Inbox. Click on Admin (top toolbar) select […]
When an encounter is opened, the physician name that is in the top drop down is […]
For each clinic visit, review and update histories as needed.  A quick link is under the […]
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