Big Sib Program

The Big Sib Program

As you all know, many interns experience challenges in their new roles as physicians. Orientation and onboarding are typically delivered by faculty/administration and do not focus on  the intern’s daily duties from near-peer perspectives. A couple of years ago, the idea  of creating a near-peer boot camp for our incoming interns was born. The program has had unprecedented success and was received well by both incoming interns and seniors. Thankfully we now have multiple experiences to learn from and more time to come up with an improved structure.

One on One Mentoring

You are paired with a Mentor who is a senior and has been in your shoes. The mentor will walk you through the day to day events as a resident

EHR Training

Quick tricks and tips on how to navigate the EMR at both the DMC & the VA

Meet & Greets

All the mentors and mentees will meet at an event outside the hospital prior to starting residency, to help you get to know your Co-Interns and seniors. 

The Big Sib Team

dr. Astha saini
Dr. Adam Qazi
Dr. Rahul vyas
Dr. Aveen salar
Dr. Brianna Desa
Dr. pamila sharma