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Below this you will also see a list of all of the members of the Steering Committee, so please feel free to talk to these individuals in person.

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Steering Committee News

The following video and step-by-step instructions below detail the process of unlocking an encounter within the NextGen system.  Click here to see the video in high definition in an external browser window. If you are unable to watch the video above, please use the following... Read More
While in NextGen, under the Intake tab, Click Reconcile Check the box for Manual reconciliation: Choosefromthedropdown list for … completed with: Choose from the drop down list for…confirmed with: Place check in Medication List box Ask the patient if he/she is taking the... Read More
Many residents are interested in improving their portfolio during residency training. Fellowship and medicine positions highly value research during residency. At minimum it conveys a dedicated interest in scholarly activity, particularly beneficial for competitive specialties.... Read More
There is a new centralized inbox for all WSUPG IM-Primary Care Physicians including the Resident CCR.  In this box you will note that you will not be responsible for all items assigned. Please read the PDF  *Inbox tasks*  for step-by-step instructions about: Completing an Inbox... Read More
During the PGY-II and PGY-III years of training, we do weekly board review presentations as you all know. While the presenters become very comfortable with the material, it is often very difficult for the other residents to absorb the entire presentation in one afternoon... Read More
With all of the stress and responsibility of work, it is important have time to “wind down” and spend time with old friends and have a chance to make new ones.  Starting February 25th, we will be hosting “Wind Down Wednesdays” where residents and fellows... Read More
How do you stay up to date with the latest medical literature and recommendations?  Do you sit in front of the fire each night reading the latest publication from the New England Journal? Do you attend a conference every month in Michigan or another state and hear presentations... Read More
Hello everyone. As you may or may not know, the Resident Steering Committee participates in monthly ROC (Resident Operations Committee) meetings which is one of our opportunities to bring up issues to the administration.  The most recent ROC meeting was held on Apri... Read More

Class Representatives


Roba Alhasan

Richard Bloomingdale

Maria Diab

Elisheva Newman

Robby Singh


Said Ashraf

Ashly Ducharme

Gita Gupta (IM/Peds)

Jenna Kado

Courtney Moore

Anand Ravi

Najibah Rehman


Michelle El-Hosni (IM/Peds)

Kalyna Jakibchuk

Abdelaziz Mohamed

Harold Obiakor

Monica Peravali

Amina Pervaiz