Social Health Task Force

As a Wayne State University (WSU) branch of Health Equity and Justice in Medicine (HEJiM), the Social Health Task Force (SHTF) is a resident-driven team which aims to raise awareness about the impact that social determinants of health play on our vulnerable, urban patient population. We focus on increasing resident and patient access to community resources, improving patient quality of care and outcomes.

Links to Important Resources

WH Community Resources PDF

A pdf put together with the various community resources

michigan 211

Find Help with

Quick List of detroit resources

Community Access & Resources Distribution Pamphlet

Find Help/Aunt Bertha

To search and connect to social care

Our Team

The amazing team behind the Social Health Task Force

Dr. Ijeoma Nnodim Opara, MD, FAAP, FAIM

Dr. Tiffany Le, DO


Dr. Mariam Zunnu Rain, MD


Dr. Jessica Liang, DO


Dr. Anusha Majagi, MD

Dr. Sahalia Rashid, MD

Dr. Majd Khadra, MD

Dr. Leslie Lin, MD

Dr. Anisha Preddy, DO

Dr. Ankit Hanmandlu, MD

Dr. Brianna Desa, DO

Dr. Khush Joshi, MD

Dr. Mariam Krikorian, DO

Dr. Michelle Malik, MD

Dr. Pamila Sharma, MD

Dr. Saumya Karne, DO

Dr. Farah Abdul Razzak, MD

Dr. Abubakr Ziaullah, MD

Dr. Mazhar Shapoo, MD