Please see below for tutorials for both Cerner and NextGen which require your login to access.

Cerner/Powerchart Tutorials

  • Click on the link to view the recorded EHR tutorial session from 06-30-2020 to access on  Microsoft Stream. Click on the gear icon on the video to adjust the playback speed.
    • DO NOT share this link with any non-Wayne State/DMC resident or anyone else as there is HIPAA-protected information in the training video.
  • I’m also including a PDF of some online Cerner modules from DMC. Note, some of these are a bit outdated, but can be used as a reference point in the future (please click link for a list of suggested changes/corrections/missing info). The PDF is fairly comprehensive with the exception of Ambulatory Cerner workflow as well as Dragon text to speech integration.
  • You will receive Dragon on-site training by the 2nd week of July of the academic year.

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NextGen EHR Tutorials and Tips

  • Please click the link for the online NextGen Tutorials
    • Refer to ~Lecture List Nextgen Tutorials (located in the shared folder) for a list of topics
    • Also, take a look at this Ambulatory EHR Manual created by Ambulatory CMR 2019-2020 Leslie Kao, MD for tips/tricks


  • NextGen has a steep learning curve, but once you have used it a few times, you will no doubt get the hang of it. These tutorials are by no means comprehensive. You guys will learn a lot more tips/tricks along the way, but these resources should help you get through the clinic day without issues.