For logging duty hours, please refer to the following screen shots and instructions:

  • Work during a regular day should be logged as “Rotation Daily Duties and Assignments“.  Use this option for shifts on consult months, elective months, night float, clinic, floor months, and ICU shifts that are NOT call days.  Call days on the floor are not overnight calls and should still use this designation.  There are NO post-call days on floors.
    • Note: if you take a break during the day (for lunch, etc), you do NOT need to log this, otherwise New Innovations will think you’ve worked two separate shifts and flag a “short-break” violation
    • Please note that if you are having duty hour violations, it is reasonable to speak to the chief at that location to try to help prevent further violations.  The logging isn’t audited until the end of the rotation, so real time issues should be brought up promptly to help mitigate fatigue and burnout.


  • For call shifts, the first 24 hours – the “call” portion, should be logged with the “call” selection:duty-hours-2
  • For the post-call wrap up, for up to 4 hours after your call, log these hours with the “post call wrap up (not >4 hrs. & no new pts.)duty-hours-3
  • For logging vacation, please select “log vacation” on the right side and enter the days you will be gone.duty-hours-4duty-hours-5




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