Hello everyone, Please see the attached link for the folder containing the Jeopardy Schedule for the […]
Fall is upon us, the season of pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin everything and most […]
1-Case choice: It doesn’t have to be a “super interesting” or a “Zebra” case. If you […]
Our case today was a nice presentation of RTA induced by Iburpofen The patient, a 52 […]
DRH A2 gave us a great case today about infective endocarditis manifesting as septic emboli to […]
First morning report of the year! Abdelrahman Ahmed and Hassan Mohamed delivered a superb case presentation […]
Tomas Murphy and Sidra Ilyas delivered a great morning report today about Valproate intoxication, here are […]
Guidelines for Cystic Fibrosis:   https://www.cff.org/Care/Clinical-Care-Guidelines/
Congratulations to 2018 class their awesome fellowship match! Wishing you continuous success! Emmanuel Akintoye:  Cardiology, Iowa […]
Here are some documents which you will find useful for your VA rotation/VA elective/night float. every […]
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